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Gluten Free Disaster Kit

Bad things happen. We don’t like to think about it but we need to be prepared, just incase. 72hours.com asks whether we would be prepared in the event of a major disaster and provides information and tips on what you should do in order to be prepared. In terms of food they suggest that everyone should
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10 Gluten Free Snack Ideas

There are lots of delicious gluten free breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes out there but how about when you fancy a wee snack? Whether at home or travelling we all like to nibble. These are a few of my favourite gluten free snacks which are great at any time of the day. They are also
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Think Thin Gluten Free

I received a box of Think Thin bars last week. All of their bars are gluten free and contain varying amounts of protein. Personally I enjoyed their crunch bars the most but their whole selection is pretty yummy, especially if you’re looking for a good tasting bar which also has lots of protein. Their protein
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Gluten Free Simply Bar

I recently received a box of bars from The Simply Bar. Another bar which is gluten free certified! Yay! They have seven different flavours and I am happy to report that these protein bars (each bar contains 16g protein) do not taste like they contain a lot of protein. This is definitely a good thing
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Nugo Nutrition Bars Gluten Free

I recently sampled a few of the snack bars that Nugo Nutrition have to offer. I tried a couple of bars from their NuGo free and NuGo Slim ranges. Both of these lines are Certified Gluten Free. Yay! Some of their other lines are gluten free too but aren’t certified. Personally I’d rather stick with those
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