Jamon y queso sandwiches

Celigourmet is a dream for any coeliacs visiting Buenos Aires. They have 4 branches situated in different parts of the city and all of the products they sell are gluten free. There is a lot of variety to choose from and everything is delicious!!

No one should visit Argentina without tasting Empanadas and Celigourmet makes sure that this includes those of us on a gluten free diet. They sell 6 chicken or beef empanadas for $22 pesos (US$5.50) and they are extremely tasty! Their sandwiches are really good too and you can buy these either singularly or in bulk. I love their ham and cheese baguettes which cost $10 pesos (US$2.50) individually or $38 pesos (US$9.50) for 6 but these are quite a bit smaller than the individual ones which doesn’t make it as good a deal as I expected.

They also sell lots of cookies, cakes, muffins and chocolates. The closest celigourmet to me has different cakes out for trying each time I visit and they are always so good that you would never imagine they could possibly be gluten free….but they are!!!

Celigourmet in Microcentro (the centre of the city) is a bit bigger than the one in Palermo and also has an area where you can eat in. You buy whatever you wish to eat from the bakery and they heat it up and serve it to you in their cozy little seating area. Whilst you can choose to have whatever you want, most people tend to go for one of their 3 menu deals. You can get a tart, small pizza, crepe or cannelloni which comes with a roll, soft drink and a cake for dessert. These deals range from $18-25 pesos (US$4.50-6.00) depending on your choice.

I ordered beef and spinach cannelloni which came with a sachet of grated cheese and was delicious. The blueberry muffin with a frosting of icing sugar was light and fluffy and very yummy too. I will definitely be returning at least a couple more times to try the tart and the pizza.

This was the first time I have been able to eat out in the city and it was a great experience. It felt nice to be surrounded by others like me who cannot eat gluten and got me seriously considering the idea of starting a similar business myself some day.

Lunch at Celigourmet

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  • Why was this the first time you could dine out in Buenos Aires? I would have thought there would be places where you could order just meat and potatoes or . . . I am not sure being new to the gluten free thing, but I thought it would be more possible.

  • May I ask what type of flour they used in those?

  • Sasha, it was the first time I ate out in the city because when I first arrived my Spanish wasn’t the best and I didn’t want to risk being contaminated.

    Jolie, if you mean the empanadas I’m pretty sure rice flour was used in the making of these. There are probably other flours included too but I can’t be sure. I know that when I bought my own empanada wraps they were made of rice flour.

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