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Gluten Free Siga La Vaca

Argentina is famous for it’s Parilla (BBQ) and a trip to Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a Tenedor Libre. In Spanish this translates to free fork and basically means all you can eat. Siga La Vaca is an all you can eat parilla with a few different locations throughout Buenos Aires
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My Gluten Free Marathon!

Last week I ran my first marathon and it was an amazing experience!

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Gluten Free Belgrano

Today I was walking around the neighbourhood of Belgrano for the first time and was very excited to find lots of gluten free signage in this area. We were searching for the city’s China Town and took the Subte to Juramento on the green line.

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Bio Restaurant Gluten Free

Last Sunday before the Bon Jovi concert(!!!), I ate at Bio Restaurant in Palermo Hollywood (Humboldt y Guatemala) with a few friends. Walking past a few times, I had seen that they do gluten free options and I’d been meaning to check it out for a while.

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  Walking around Buenos Aires you will see many vendors making and selling something called Garrapiñada. It smells great and it only costs 2 pesos but what is it and is it gluten free? I must have walked past literally a hundred of these guys over the last month that I’ve been living in the
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Munchi’s Gluten Free Ice Cream

Today I visited my second amazing ice cream store in Buenos Aires which does gluten free flavours (all clearly labelled) and I think I may have enjoyed it even more than Freddo. Munchi’s is small chain with a number of stores in and around the city of Buenos Aires but so far I’ve only tried
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Dieteticas in Buenos Aires

For any coeliac living in or travelling to Buenos Aires you are going to want to know about dieteticas. Dieteticas, which are health food stores, can be found all over the city and almost always sell gluten free foods, suitable for coeliacs. They come in various sizes and some are better for gluten free food
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Tea Connection Sin Gluten

Tea Connection is another great place for Coeliacs looking for a place to eat out in Buenos Aires. There have 4 restaurants in different areas around the city,  in Palermo, Recoleta, Barrio Norte and Belgrano. We ate at the one in Palermo and really enjoyed the food and the cozy atmosphere. Gluten free dishes are
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Celigourmet is a dream for any coeliacs visiting Buenos Aires. They have 4 branches situated in different parts of the city and all of the products they sell are gluten free. There is a lot of variety to choose from and everything is delicious!!

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Dietetica 100% Natural

Today I found an amazing dietetica for coeliacs looking for a wide variety of gluten free products in Buenos Aires. Dietetica 100% Natural can be found just off Santa Fe, on Bulnes, in Palermo. This place had been recommended to me by a local woman and I was very glad I took her advice and
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