Gluten Free Amici’s Pizzeria

Yummy gf pizza!

Last weekend my dad was in town and we went to Amici’s Pizzeria for dinner. They have 12 locations, all in California, two of which are found in the city of San Francisco. We ate at the one on Lombard Street. We walked a few miles to get there so we were all hungry and ready for pizza when we arrived. I’d contacted a couple of restaurants to ask about gluten free options or procedures in place to lessen the risk of cross contamination and Amici’s made me feel comfortable about eating there. I usually get a vibe when I call a restaurant on whether or not they really understand what I’m talking about when I ask about cross contamination. I was happy that this place did 🙂

When we arrived I asked to see their gluten free menu. I was very impressed. Not only does it include a wide variety of pizzas to choose from but also an explanation of how they prepare gluten free dishes to avoid any cross contamination. This covered all of the questions I usually ask my server. The menu also includes information on where the restaurant gets their gluten free crust and what the ingredients of the crust are so they aren’t keeping any secrets from gluten free customers. Brilliant!!

There were four of us eating so we decided to choose three pizzas to share between us. Everyone was on board for keeping them all gluten free so that we could all share. I adore a meal when I can try everything on the table because this isn’t too common when I’m eating out these days!

We ordered a ‘Philly’, a ‘Calabria’ and a ‘Milano’. They were all delicious but the ‘Calabria’ which was topped with mozzarella, provolone and pancetta was my favourite. Yummmy!



As well as the variety of pizzas served on 12 inch gluten free crusts, the gluten free menu also includes salads, gluten free beer and a gluten free dessert of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. This sounded phenomenal and I would have loved to try it but I was stuffed after eating my share of delicious pizza. Maybe on my next visit..

The four of us really enjoyed our gluten free meal at Amici’s. It was more expensive than I would have wanted at $25-26 per pizza but to be honest there were enough leftovers that John and I enjoyed a second round of gluten free pizza the following night.

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  • Isn’t it great when others say they will eat gluten free also so you can share! I will have to look out for this place when I am in California in August… although it might not cut my backpacker budget 😛

  • Yeah, I love being able to share! It’s definitely not the cheapest if you’re on a backpackers budget but it is really tasty!