Gluten Free Andesmar

Beef and gravy

My first gluten free bus meal

The buses in Argentina are great and considering the size of the country and the amount of time you need to spend on the bus getting from place to place, this is a good thing!

Most of the long distance buses come with ‘Servicio’ which means that you get one or two meals depending on the time of day you’re travelling and the length of the journey. Most of the time it’s sandwiches and alfajores, or for dinner some sort of glutenous pasta dish, but on the 33 hour trip from Puerto Madryn to Ushuaia I actually got a gluten free meal! Everyone else got 3 or 4 meals since the trip was so long but there was only the possibility of a gluten free option for dinner. Still, I was happy to at least get one meal that I could safely eat..and surprisingly it was pretty good too! I’ve travelled with a variety of bus companies in Argenting but so far it’s only been Andesmar that had a gluten free option!

UPDATE: I took another overnight trip with Andesmar from Bariloche to Mendoza, which I was pretty excited about as my meal was great the last time. I ordered my gluten free meal at the bus station and reconfirmed as I was boarding the bus and was told that I would get my meal. Dinner time arrived and the bus driver came to tell me that when they went to pick up the meals there was no gluten free meal there for me. I asked him why and he said he didn’t know but he was sorry. Luckily I’d brought my own just in case food for a situation like this but I wasn’t happy. I’d paid for my meal and I didn’t get one! Luckily, Andesmar have an on the bus game of Bingo and vino so these fun distractions meant that I wasn’t as annoyed as I could have been at the lack of a meal. I plan to write to Andesmar to explain what happened so let’s see how good a company they really are…

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  • Christoph

    Nov 17th, 2010


    Also Cata Internacional serves glutenfree meals.
    Its only dinner, in the moring i got a normal breakfast.

  • I had a similar situation on an airplane once. Only the GF meal was on the plane, they just accidentally gave it to the person behind me who ate the whole thing before asking why they’d gotten a special meal! Then the air hostess had the guts to give me attitude about the whole thing and suggest that I was asking for something I didn’t deserve!