I wish I could eat….

So far I feel as though I’m doing pretty well with my new gluten free life but there are still a few delicious gluten filled delights that I miss…This is a place for me to shout and scream and get it all out without freaking out the sales assistants in the cereal aisle of Tesco! If anyone has similar bittersweet memories of their favourite tasty treats before Coeliacdom then please share them here…

Frosties, Ricicles, Shreddies, Cheerios, Grape Nuts and lots more cereals There are plenty of delicious gluten free cereal to choose from!

Interesting foreign foods when I’m not sure what they really are and what’s in them

A taste of whatever my dining buddy is munching on

Free samples being given out in supermarkets

Those delicious wee blue and pink bobbly licorice allsorts

Kinder Bueno…I never got to try the new white chocolate one!

Bier Halle thin base Pizza

The Butterfly and Pig’s spicy bean burger

Cafe Hula’s spanish tortilla

A nice big plate of Haggis, neeps and tatties) I’ve eaten gluten free haggis and it was fantastic!


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  • Ginger beer? I have no problem drinking this and I would be very upset to add it to the long list of forbidden food. I have never found gluten in ginger beer to my knowledge. Old Jamaica Ginger Beer is definitely the best in my opinion.

  • Faridah

    Jun 28th, 2010

    Hi Laura,

    just a “shorty”… I found gluten free Ginger beer in Berlin, in a big super market called “Alnatura”… it doesn’t taste as strong gingery as I would have liked it to taste…but atleast it’s got the name 😉

    Greetings from Berlin

  • I miss flaky baked products – like croissants, pot pie crusts, turnovers, baklava. None of that seems to be available gluten free. I was going to say I miss cheese steaks (I work in Philly) but then I found your blog!

  • mmm..baklava! I actually had a couple of gluten free croissants in Argentina so keep hope alive there! If I can find anywhere to get them in the States I’ll let you know..

  • I have recently taken Ginger Beer as I’ve found a couple of amazing brands that have confirmed to me that they are gluten free. Crabbie’s Ginger Beer is soo delicious!!