Laura’s Tea Room

My first experience with Laura’s Tea Room was when my dad took me there for lunch after getting my biopsy at the nearby hospital. He had heard lots of good things about it and of course it was called ‘Laura’s’ so we had to try it out. Despite being pretty out of it as a result of my sedation, I had a lovely lunch in this delightful little cafe in Carmunock, near East Kilbride.

A couple of weeks ago my dad and I went back again for a coffee and a chat. I ordered the usual diet Irn Bru as I don’t have the taste for coffee or tea and my dad got a coffee and a fruity scone. By this visit I had been diagnosed so thought I may as well ask the waitress whether they had any gluten free cake options, thinking the answer would most likely be no as it was a pretty small place. I figured I would just have to make do with my Irn Bru and watch my dad nibbling on his delicious looking scone. To my surprise, the waitress said that they did have quite a few gluten free cakes and went off to find her little list of what they had. She rhymed off 5 or 6 different options and I decided on the banana and raisin bread. It was warm, sweet and delicious…the perfect mid-morning treat for a chilly Scottish day. I was no longer jealous of my dad’s scone and actually when I gave him a piece of my bread to try he said it was nicer than his scone!!!’s/

Update: I recently returned to Laura’s for another post-hospital appointment snack and shared two gluten free cakes with my dad…an apple and cinammon slice and a fruit loaf. Both very tasty but especially the fruit loaf! I wasn’t hungry for lunch yet but thought I’d ask the waitress what their gf options were like while I was there. The tea room has gluten free bread so they can make a lot of their sandwiches gluten free. I was told their chilli is gluten free too so I may have to try this next time!

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