Dieteticas in Buenos Aires

Good dietetica in microcentral

Small dietetica in Palermo

For any coeliac living in or travelling to Buenos Aires you are going to want to know about dieteticas. Dieteticas, which are health food stores, can be found all over the city and almost always sell gluten free foods, suitable for coeliacs. They come in various sizes and some are better for gluten free food than others but each dietetica has at least a few gluten free products and many of them have lots.

The majority of these places stock rice cakes, dried fruit and nuts,  gluten free bars and sweet, chocolate snacks. The better ones also sell cookies, crackers, pasta, bread and even fresh goods like empanadas, pizza, sandwiches and cakes. Many of them have signs up saying ‘apto para celiacos'(suitable for coeliacs) or ‘alimentos para celiacos’ (foods for coeliacs) so be sure to look out for these signs and the plenty of gluten free symbols which are found on everything they stock which is free of gluten. Dieteticas are great for picking up something gluten free no matter which part of Buenos Aires you find yourself in.

'Food for Coeliacs'

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  • Great! Your site is really making me calmer about finding gluten free stuff in BA! All I have to do is look for this shop for some kind of power bar if I get desperately hungry, out and about. Or get some fruit. I am curious how the juices will be in Argentina.

  • Another excellent post, I feel south america needs to be backpacked pretty soon and your posts are instilling a lot of confidence with me!! High-five to the Dieteticas 🙂


  • Gerardo

    Aug 11th, 2011

    I live in argentina, and I´m a coeliac.
    I think it´s important to tell those of you looking for info about coeliac-friendly options in buenos aires (and most big cities) that most (if not all) supermarkets (medium an big) sell gluten free food: pasta, cookies, power bars, sweets, etc.