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Whether you’re heading off on a road trip, a romantic weekend getaway or months of intercontinental backpacking, if you are Coeliac then being prepared is important. Ensuring you are never without a few gluten free supplies is a must no matter the length of your trip or where you’re going.

If you’re road tripping then you will have lots of space in your car to keep emergency supplies. If you’re backpacking you will obviously have less space but there will always be some room for a few important, just in case, snacks. Even on a short weekend trip, you never know when you may find yourself hungry and glad that you decided to pop a few ready made snacks into your purse.

Great alone or for dipping

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Here’s my top must haves for any gluten free traveller! Add your favourites in the comment’s below….

Fruit: A delicious, healthy and completely gluten free snack which can be found almost anywhere. Bananas, apples, pears and oranges are best for carrying with you, grapes and berries can be great for nibbling and melon, pineapple and mango can be tasty treats as long as you have something to cut them up with.

Hard Boiled Eggs: Easy and quick to prepare before you leave for a trip, a food that stays fresh for at least a few days and needs no preparation on the road is a great addition to your emergency food supply. Just peel away the shell and enjoy.

Yoghurt: Not all yoghurts are gluten free but there are many that are. Having a pot or two with you can be great if you find yourself hungry and unable to find anything else. If you’re struggling to find a flavour that’s definitely gluten free then go for natural yoghurt. Great on it’s own, great as a dip and great as a dressing.

Corn Tortillas: Easier to pack than bread and far cheaper than gf bread but works the same if you fancy something a little more substantial that fruit or yoghurt. These can be eaten with cheese and/or egg and veggies if you’re looking for something savoury or jam and/or peanut butter for something sweet. Rice crackers/crisp breads can also be used like this.

Gluten Free Bars: If you can pick up a few of these before you go, you will almost certainly be glad you did. Not to be eaten in place of a proper meal but can be a great snack to keep the hunger at bay until you can find something more substantial. Throughout my travels I’ve found lots of different fruit, seed and nut bars, in a wide variety of flavours, and on many occasions they have come in very useful.

Nuts and Dried Fruit: These contain lots of good vitamins and nutrients that your body needs and can also very filling and delicious. Making your own bags of fruit and nut mix is simple and easy to pack, no matter the size of your luggage or where you’re going. There are so many different fruits and nuts out there that there is sure to be something you like.

Rice Cakes: I find myself eating these more and more frequently as they can be used in so many different ways and are usually pretty easy to find. Flavoured rice cakes are great on their own as a snack and natural ones are tasty when dipped in yoghurt or topped with various sweet or savoury things such as jam, peanut butter, honey, cheese, ham or egg.

Breakfast Cereal: If you can fit a box (or the packet out of the box) into your travel bag you will always have a tasty snack (who doesn’t love dry cereal!) and you will also have a breakfast option. All you need is milk, which is something you can find anywhere in the world.

Your Favourite Spice: Not really a food but a must have. Carrying your favourite herb or spice can really add something to whatever you’re eating. If you love to spice up your meals then chilli or curry powder is a great choice and if you prefer something sweeter, cinnamon or nutmeg can be that small but tasty addition. Try  hard boiled eggs or corn on the cob topped with chilli powder or natural yoghurt mixed with cinnamon…yummy!

Don't forget your favourite spice!

Rice crackers

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