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Gluten Free Walgreens

I’ve found that most candy doesn’t include on their packaging, information on whether or not the product is gluten free. A fairly large number of candy brands (generally smaller companies rather than world famous brands) say that ‘this product has been manufactured in a factory which also produces wheat, nuts, soy, etc which basically leaves
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Gluten Free Mars (North America)

Mars are one of the biggest candy and chocolate producers in the States so I contacted them to ask about the gluten free status of their products. Mars UK had emailed me a list of their ‘safe’ products so I figured that their North American counterparts were likely to do the same…..

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Haribo Gluten Free

Haribo is probably my favourite snack food. I find it really addictive! I’ve always been a huge fan of gummy/jelly/foamy sweeties since my gran bought me bags of pic n mix every Sunday when I was a kid and I love all the colourful, fun shapes that Haribo has to offer. When I was first
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Gluten Free Pic n Mix

Delicious pic n mix is my favourite treat, especially when I’m watching a movie at the cinema but I’m not sure whether or not I can have it anymore.  A lot of pic n mix retailers don’t display the ingredients of each sweet so it’s hard to tell which sweets are gluten free and which aren’t. I know that things
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