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Gluten Free Lasagna

  I don’t get to eat much lasagna these days. Lasagna is a dish I would quite often choose when eating out in pre-celiacs days but with the lack of Italian restaurants offering gluten free lasagna this is rarely an option anymore. I do find it in some restaurants which do gluten free options (and
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What Do Celiacs Eat For Dinner?

Gluten free dinner time for me tends to involve a lot of different veggies plus tofu, egg, beans, meat, fish or a combination. In terms of gluten free grains I like rice, quinoa and amaranth. My favourite gluten free dinner of all time is probably chilli con carne. I also love egg, veggie and kimchi
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Gluten Free Cajun Spaghetti Bolognese

I don’t eat a lot of pasta these days for 3 reasons. One, gluten free pasta tends to be pretty expensive, two, it always seems to turn out a bit squishy when I cook it and three, I’d almost always choose rice over pasta anyway. Every so often though, I feel like a change and
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Gluten Free Colonia, Uruguay

We spent one day and night in the pretty little town of Colonia de Sacramento in Western Uruguay and I’m pleased to say that we managed to find and eat at the only restaurant in the small town which has anything specifically labelled as suitable for coeliacs.

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