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Is It Obvious When You Eat Gluten?

I often hear from people about how terrible they feel after they accidentally eat gluten and it’s got me wondering why personally I rarely feel this way…

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Glucose syrup??

My colleagues are always bringing in snacks for the lunch table at work but generally these are cakes, biscuits and chocolates that I’m not allowed. Today I went to make myself a cup of tea and noticed some tasty looking dates..great, I thought, finally something I can nibble! Off course I looked at the ingredients first (a coeliac
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Prepacked Sushi

One of my favourite lunchtime snacks is prepacked Sushi, which I normally buy from Tesco, Asda or Sainsburys in the UK. It’s also something I normally buy to take with me when I travel.  I know that generally Sushi is natually gluten free, especially Nigiri which is simply raw fish and rice, but can I be sure that
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