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Blue Bunny ice cream

When the sun is shining and the heat sweltering, what better than a freezing cold bowl of delicious, creamy, ice cream….

For a while now I’ve wondered whether I’m being over cautious when it comes to finding safe ice cream. Are all ice creams gluten free unless then have some obvious cake or cookie topping or do some varieties include certain flavourings or colourings that may contain gluten? I figure the later is probably true which is what keeps me from freely ordering ice cream whenever I get a taste for it.

Welcome Blue Bunny, an ice cream company which started in Iowa but whose products are now available all over the States.

Their website provides specific gluten information as well as general allergen information. This is what they have to stay about the gluten free status of their products:

Gluten Content of Blue Bunny® Products
Obvious gluten-containing ingredients in Blue Bunny® products include items with wafers, cookies, brownies, cookie dough, bisque and pretzels. For the safety of our customers, if any ingredient such as a flavoring, stabilizer, emulsifier, color or coating contains gluten, it will be named in the ingredient statement. In general, Blue Bunny® products are gluten-free unless they contain obvious gluten-containing ingredients or gluten content is otherwise noted in a product’s ingredient statement.

Good news, gluten free ice cream lovers! As long as we stay away from anything cookie or cheese cake related and nothing else is mentioned on the ingredients statement then it looks like we’re good. Blue Bunny’s selection is vast and from checking out the labelling it appears that most of the amazing flavours are suitable for coeliacs!

Vanilla with strawberries!

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  • Hi. For what it’s worth, two ingredients which are in their vanilla ice-cream — monoglycerides and vanillin — both contain gluten. After seeing that – I didn’t bother checking any other flavors. 🙁 Sigh…

  • Burned Twice

    Aug 23rd, 2013

    Yeah, I ate Blue Bunny ice cream with no problems… Until there WERE. Customer Service wasn’t exactly helpful, saying they made the vanilla first, and I must be reacting to something else. But I have a gluten-free kitchen, and I react to gluten within 2 hours of ingestion. There WAS nothing else I could have reacted to! Sadly, I’ve written them off as ignorant and UNSAFE.