Polenta for Breakfast

Hot polenta with apples

I have been struggling to find gluten free cereal in Buenos Aires and when I came across something called Polenta in the supermarket, it looked like something that could make for a possible porridge substitute.

I wasn’t too sure what Polenta was but it looked interesting and it was crazy cheap. It cost$1.50 pesos (about 40 cents US) for a  500 gram bag! Wikipedia says it’s ground cornmeal and also that it was originally, and still is, classified as peasant food! Now the price makes sense! The packet I bought said I could cook it in 1 minute and they weren’t kidding. I boiled some water, poured some polenta into the pot and 60 seconds later I had a bowl of mushy yellow stuff ready to go!

It wasn’t the most appetising thing I’ve seen but it did remind me of Cream of Rice that I had recently been eating for breakfast in the States so I figured some milk, fruit and cinnamon may turn it into something tasty…

I wasn’t wrong. It tastes pretty good and very similar to Cream of Rice. I intend to try various toppings until I find what works best. I’ll still be searching for gluten free cereal but in the meanwhile my hot cream of corn breakfast isn’t a bad substitute.

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