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Gluten Free Polenta Fries

I first got into polenta when we lived in Buenos Aires. Before this I’d never heard of it and as far as I know it’s not very popular in the UK. Gluten free breakfast cereal was nowhere to be found in Argentina so I had to make do with something else for my favourite meal
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Gluten Free Spicy Sausage Polenta

I first started eating polenta in Argentina, basically because it was ridiculously cheap ($0.50 for 1kg), the bag said it could be prepared in one minute and as there was no gluten free breakfast cereal to be found this was the next best thing. I cooked it almost every morning with cinnamon and fruit like
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Polenta for Breakfast

I have been struggling to find gluten free cereal in Buenos Aires and when I came across something called Polenta in the supermarket, it looked like something that could make for a possible porridge substitute.

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