Gluten Free Freddo

Tasty ice cream!

Freddo in Recoleta

If you are looking for gluten free ice cream in Buenos Aires then Freddo is one good place to go. There have a number of locations throughout the city and clearly label which of their menu items are gluten free.

We ate at the Freddo in Recoleta right across from the city’s famous and very interesting cemetery (where Eva Peron and many others are buried) but I have seen many others in various areas throughout this huge city. A small tub of ice cream was $13 pesos (US $3) so not cheap but not bad. The ice cream tastes really good and you can choose from around 10 different gluten free flavours. I hear that they also do flourless gluten free cake here so I may have to check this out on my next visit.

Other than obvious glutenous ingredients such as cookies, I have no idea what some places put in their ice cream to make it not gluten free! Still, lucky for coeliacs, Freddo have decided to tell us which of their products we can and cannot eat and this makes me very happy.

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  • Hi again 🙂

    So a few days ago I was out for an ice cream in Lisbon. I went to Santinni, a homemade icecream shop, because I’d been told ALL of their ice creams were GF and also because they’re natural and delicious, of course.
    Still I decided to ask them about this again. They told me altough they don’t use glutaneous stuff, every ice cream containner may contain traces of gluten as small crumbs may fall from others cookie cone.

    I then asked if they could open three (!!) new containners, as I wanted three flavours, and they did so!

    So, I wanted you to know it’s safer to ask for a pint or for fresh containners.