Munchi’s Gluten Free Ice Cream

Delicious dulce de leche

Munchi's, Palermo

Today I visited my second amazing ice cream store in Buenos Aires which does gluten free flavours (all clearly labelled) and I think I may have enjoyed it even more than Freddo. Munchi’s is small chain with a number of stores in and around the city of Buenos Aires but so far I’ve only tried the one on Malabia 1720 in Palermo Soho.

They have a large selection of flavours and around half are gluten free. They do cream flavours like Mascarpone and Banana Spilt, Chocolate flavours including white, milk and swiss, fruit flavours including strawberry, raspberry and lemon and the Argentina favourite, Dulce de Leche.

When ordering I told them I was coeliac and they opened a new tub of ice cream. They also used a newly cleaned serving spoon so you can take comfort knowing that their staff understand the importance of not risking contamination.

I can never resist the sweet taste of perfection that is Dulce de Leche and I must say it was amazing! A small tub with a couple of good sized scoops costs $12 pesos (US$3) You can also get Dulce de Leche with chocolate chips!

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