Gluten Free Kimchi Beef

Kimchi beef stirfry

Almost ready...

As you’ll know if you’ve looked at any of my other recipes I’m a bit of a kimchi fan. Ever since South Korea I can’t seem to get enough of it. At first I thought ‘Really? Fermented cabbage? but then I got pretty addicted. It’s spicy, it adds a lot of flavour to dishes and it tastes great. Of all meats I think kimchi tastes best with beef. I ate a lot of kimchi with bulgogi in Korea. Maybe that’s why.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • Oil
  • 200g Thinly sliced beef
  • One large pepper – chopped
  • Kimchi
  • Half an onion – sliced
  • 4 cloves of garlic – sliced
  • One lime

How to make it

  • Brown beef with some oil in a non stick pan
  • Add garlic, onions & pepper and simmer for 10 mins
  • Stir in kimchi
  • Squeeze lime into the mix
  • Serve with rice or quinoa and enjoy!



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  • I Love Kimchi!…Recipe sounds delish & easy…Can’t wait to make it!…Do you mind if I post in on my FB page with direction to your link? …Thanks! 🙂

  • Of course 🙂 Kimchi is wonderful.

  • Can I ask where you get your gf kimchi? There’s just so many ingredients I’m afraid of cross-contamination… Have you found one that doesn’t make you sick? Thanks for your blog! Came across it on google, and I really like it.

  • Hi Emily! Where in the world are you? I normally use King’s or Sinto Gourmet and neither make me sick. I think Sinto is just local to SF but King’s should be available throughout the US.

  • I’m in Utah–not so many Asian markets, etc, around here. But I will look for King’s… Thanks so much!