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Yoghurt Pesto Omelette

Today I made a really tasty gluten free lunch. As usual I took a look in the fridge to decide what I wanted to eat for lunch. As usual I threw together a few things that I thought would work well. I always enjoy my lunch but today’s lunch turned out even better than usual.
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Gluten Free Hot Salad

Is it just me or do veggies taste best when they’re all mixed up with other veggies. Recently I’ve been eating a lot of ‘hot salad’ as I like to call it. I love veggies and I have a bunch more energy when I eat them so I aim to get a whole rainbow of
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Gluten Free Kimchi Beef

As you’ll know if you’ve looked at any of my other recipes I’m a bit of a kimchi fan. Ever since South Korea I can’t seem to get enough of it. At first I thought ‘Really? Fermented cabbage? but then I got pretty addicted. It’s spicy, it adds a lot of flavour to dishes and
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Kryptonite Beef Curry

John and I do a lot of experimenting with meals. I don’t think we have ever followed a recipe. We are more the ‘try it out and see what happens’ type. We tend to buy a bunch of things that we like and then choose a selection that we think would work together, adding various
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