First impressions of Buenos Aires

Gluten Free signage

I arrived in Buenos Aires only 24 hours but have a good first impression of the coeliac friendliness of the city. A couple of the supermarkets we wandered into label quite a few of their products with a wheat free symbol which says ‘Sin TACC’ which translates to ‘without wheat, barley, rye and oats.’  We also walked by a couple of cafes which had signs on their windows which said ‘Aptos para celiacos’ which means ‘suitable for coeliacs.’

Before moving to Buenos Aires I had looked to see if there was anywhere specifically gluten free that I should be sure to look up once we got here. The one place that caught my eye was Celigourmet, a 100% gluten free bakery selling lots of tasty looking things, all of which are safe for me to eat. This was the first place we went on arriving yesterday and we found that one of their 4 locations is less than a 15 minute walk from our apartment. It was so exciting for me to walk into somewhere that I had free range on choosing anything that took my fancy. There were lots of delicious looking cakes, cookies, sandwiches and various other baked delights. I bought two small ham and cheese sandwiches which cost 10 pesos ($2.50) each. They were muy delicioso and I will definitely be back to this place again and again! The women who worked in Celigourmet told us that one of their locations, which can be found in the downtown area of the city, has an area for customers to eat in so I’m sure I’ll be back here talking about that by the end of the week.


Eating my gf sandwich

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