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Gluten Free Fajitas

Fajitas are tasty and most of the ingredients tend to be naturally gluten free so what a perfect meal for celiacs. Most people (in the UK at least) use wheat tortillas to eat with their fajitas but if you substitute these for corn tortillas and double check that all of the ingredients you are using
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Gluten Free Egg and Black Bean Tortillas

In 2007 I spent 4 months in Central America, mainly Mexico and Guatemala, and this is where I fell in love with corn tortillas. Almost every day in Mexico I ate street tacos which are small corn tortillas with beef, onions and cilantro (coriander) bought from and eaten at a cart. They were so simple,
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Top Gluten Free Travel Foods!

Whether you’re heading off on a road trip, a romantic weekend getaway or months of intercontinental backpacking, if you are Coeliac then being prepared is important. Ensuring you are never without a few gluten free supplies is a must no matter the length of your trip or where you’re going. If you’re road tripping then
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