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Peanut Butter Quinoa For Breakfast!

Breakfast time is my favourite meal of the day. I should probably say that breakfast food is my favourite because no matter what time of day, I always consider a bowl, mug or cup of cereal a great idea! Recently I’ve been trying to vary my breakfast food a little and hot grains served with
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Vanuatu Gluten Free

For most travellers, Vanatu simply represents an idyllic tropical getaway destination, with beaches, snorkelling, adventure and friendly local folk in equal measures. But how does it stack up as a gluten free destination? Anne Vize visited recently to check out the options for a gluten free traveller, and was pleasantly surprised by what she found.

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20 Healthy Gluten Free Snacks

What are your favourite healthy gluten free snacks? There are a lot of posts out there which talk about the latest gluten free chips, cookies, muffins, candy or chocolate but sometimes celiacs want and need healthy gluten free snacks to nibble. So what do you snack on when you are feeling in a healthy mood?
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What Do Celiacs Eat For Lunch?

What do celiacs eat for lunch? Last week I posted an article on what celiacs eat for breakfast for which I got some good feedback so I thought it would be interesting to ask some of you what you eat for lunch. I know I’m always looking for new ideas to try so hopefully you too
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What Do Celiacs Eat For Breakfast?

Ever wonder what celiacs eat for breakfast? Perhaps you are a newly diagnosed celiac looking for safe options for a morning meal which can often be high in gluten or maybe you’re a long time celiac looking for new gluten free breakfast ideas. Personally when I discover a gluten free breakfast option that I enjoy,
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10 Gluten Free Snack Ideas

There are lots of delicious gluten free breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes out there but how about when you fancy a wee snack? Whether at home or travelling we all like to nibble. These are a few of my favourite gluten free snacks which are great at any time of the day. They are also
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Gluten Free Lara Bars

Lara Bars are awesome! They are definitely my favourite gluten free bar in the US so far. When I received a few samples earlier this week I was very excited. I’ve been looking for a delicious, safe and healthy substitute for my Eat Natural bars which I adore in the UK (but which sadly aren’t
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Berkeley Bowl Gluten Free

There are a few large supermarkets in Berkeley but my favourite by far is Berkeley Bowl. They have a great selection of products (including the best selection of fruit and veg I’ve ever seen in a supermarket), decent prices and a brilliant selection of gluten free products!

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Gluten Free Chile

I spent a little over a week in Chile….what a beautiful country! However, they are definitely not as coeliac friendly as their Argentine neighbours! I only visited Valparaiso and San Pedro de Atacama so I can’t speak for the entire country but from speaking to Chilean people and from my research, Chile is not the
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Top Gluten Free Travel Foods!

Whether you’re heading off on a road trip, a romantic weekend getaway or months of intercontinental backpacking, if you are Coeliac then being prepared is important. Ensuring you are never without a few gluten free supplies is a must no matter the length of your trip or where you’re going. If you’re road tripping then
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