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What Do Celiacs Eat For Breakfast?

Ever wonder what celiacs eat for breakfast? Perhaps you are a newly diagnosed celiac looking for safe options for a morning meal which can often be high in gluten or maybe you’re a long time celiac looking for new gluten free breakfast ideas. Personally when I discover a gluten free breakfast option that I enjoy,
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Gluten Free Almond Butter

I’ve been a HUGE fan of peanut butter for a long time now but I’ve only recently been introduced to it’s lovely nutty cousin, almond butter and so far I’m very impressed. I’ve been using a lot of almond milk recently so it’s no surprise that I enjoy almond butter too.

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Rice Pudding

We spent Thanksgiving this year at a friend’s house. It was a fun and relaxing day. The best part was the amazing gluten free rice pudding. It was sweet and creamy and the pumpkin gave it the perfect festive touch! I plan to use this recipe to make lots of this stuff for my family
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13th Note Gluten Free

I’d eaten at 13th Note a couple of times prior to finding out I had Coeliac disease. It’s a music venue, bar and vegan and vegetarian cafe. I remember going there for dinner with my boyfriend a couple of weeks before being diagnosed and thinking that we would definitely have to come back if it
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