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Gluten Free Kimbap (Korean Sushi)

I fell in love with kimbap when I lived in Seoul where I ate it every day for lunch. Since being gluten free it’s been impossible to find freshly made kimbap which is safe for me to eat. A couple of the traditional Korean ingredients are gluten-containing (imitation crab and processed ham) so I’ve altered
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When Should I Introduce Gluten To My Baby?

Me: Baby, this is gluten. Gluten, this is baby. Me (to gluten): I was hesitant to introduce the two of you at all. Hate is a strong word but it does apply here. I really don’t want you to treat my child the way you treat me but nevertheless, here we are, and here you
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Does Your Dentist Use Gluten Free Products?

We know that gluten hides in the strangest, and often completely unnecessary, of places and this is why celiacs have to be careful with everything we put in our mouths. Most of us check the toothpaste and mouthwash we use at home are safe for us, but how about the dental products used when we
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Celiac Disease: Is Modern Wheat To Blame?

There has been a lot of talk recently about how modern varieties of wheat may be to blame for the rise in celiac disease but not everyone believes this is really the case. Most of you will have heard of the book, Wheat Belly. It says that modern wheat is different from the wheat our
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My Second Trimester, Gluten Free

I got my appetite back. Yay! During all the yucky sickness during my first trimester, people kept telling me the 2nd trimester would be much better and they were right. Pre-natal yoga and walking up and down the many hills of San Francisco are keeping me free from aches and pains so far.

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Vanuatu Gluten Free

For most travellers, Vanatu simply represents an idyllic tropical getaway destination, with beaches, snorkelling, adventure and friendly local folk in equal measures. But how does it stack up as a gluten free destination? Anne Vize visited recently to check out the options for a gluten free traveller, and was pleasantly surprised by what she found.

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Four Years Gluten Free!

Four years ago my life changed. Four years ago a doctor told me I had to stop eating gluten. Four years ago was a hard day but here I am four years later and gluten free life is great! In these past four years, I’ve felt healthier than ever before! Before my diagnosis I was
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Gluten Free Nestle, UK

UPDATE (Jan, 2015) Nestle UK’s Gluten Avoidance list was updated this month. It’s a very extensive list featuring most of the Nestle favourites. The products listed in their Gluten Avoidance list do not contain wheat, barley, oats, rye or any added gluten. Some of the products in the list contain small quantities of gluten considered safe for a
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Gluten Free Bangkok

Who are you and where are you? My name is Marley and I am a Canadian living in Bangkok. Tell me about your relationship with gluten.. Whilst living in the UK for four years teaching, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. It took a while for the doctors to figure that one out, constantly telling
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My First Trimester, Gluten Free

My latest adventure is of a very different sort and I won’t be getting any air miles for this one. I’m crazy excited to share the happy news that John and I are expecting our first baby!! I realise that “first” makes it sound like we plan to have a whole bundle of little ones
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