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What’s In My Gluten Free Backpack

When I travel, I travel light. When I’m exploring weird and wonderful places I’d rather not be held back by my luggage. I want something sturdy and I want something flexible. I don’t want to have to take a cab or a bus just because my bag is too heavy. This is why I love
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Top Tips For Gluten Free Hostel Cooking

It’s always exciting to discover gluten free eateries or at least restaurants and cafes that serve gluten free options when travelling. They make us happy and add to the cultural experience of travelling. There are gluten free wonders awaiting us, the gluten free travellers, in all corners of the globe but unfortunately these places are
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Gluten Free Norway

Our rally (5000 miles from Scotland to Estonia in a £100 Ford Escort!) took us through the entirety of Norway and what an amazingly beautiful country it is. We spent time in Oslo, Trondheim, Fauske, Tromso and Nordkapp. I’m happy to report that Norway was very celiac friendly. Awareness and abundance of safe products is high
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Hostel Stadion – Helsinki

This hostel provides breakfast for customers but not free of charge. They responded within 20 minutes of my emailing! More evidence of efficient Scandinavians! Hi! We have also gluten free products for breakfast. If you think you like to have it, please inform the reception upon arrival. kind regards, STADION HOSTEL At 6 Euros per
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Haraldsheim – Oslo

This hostel offers free breakfast to all customers. Again, I received a response to my inquiry within a few minutes… Hello, we have gluten-free bread, just ask the kitchen staff during the breakfast Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards Oslo Vandrerhjem Haraldsheim Sounds good…I wasn’t expecting this to be honest. Hopefully they will have something I can
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