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Gluten Free Chicken Pesto Sandwich

I’m a huge pesto fan. It’s naturally gluten free, simple to make and full of flavour – what’s not to love! I’m a pretty big fan of sandwiches too, when they’re gluten free of course, so what better than a tasty gluten free pesto and chicken sandwich for lunch or dinner. When making pesto we
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Yoghurt Pesto Omelette

Today I made a really tasty gluten free lunch. As usual I took a look in the fridge to decide what I wanted to eat for lunch. As usual I threw together a few things that I thought would work well. I always enjoy my lunch but today’s lunch turned out even better than usual.
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Cilantro Almond Pesto

Want to make some amazingly delicious and interesting gluten free pesto? If you have a food processor then try this! We made it this weekend and it was fantastic. I love regular pesto but I may like this one even more and it’s definitely an interesting alternative. I also adore almonds and cilantro so this
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