Berkeley Bowl Gluten Free

Lots of crazy fruits

Amazing selection of fruit and veg

There are a few large supermarkets in Berkeley but my favourite by far is Berkeley Bowl. They have a great selection of products (including the best selection of fruit and veg I’ve ever seen in a supermarket), decent prices and a brilliant selection of gluten free products!

Their fresh produce section is like something I’ve only ever seen on television with mountains of really appetising and colourful fresh fruit and veg piled up. There are almost certainly more varieties of apples here than you ever knew existed and lots of interesting and bizarre looking exotic fruits in every colour under the rainbow. Whether you’re looking for your usual apples and oranges or fancy trying something a little more unusual, this is the place to find it.

Gluten Free labelling

gluten free cereal

There is not a specifically gluten free section, probably because they stock so many gluten free products that their section would be an entire aisle. Instead, gluten free products can be found next to their non gluten free amigos. Gluten free bread is in the bread section and gluten free sauces in the sauce section. Almost anything you’re looking for comes gluten free here and on many shelves you can find clear gluten free signage pointing out which products are gluten free!

Berkeley Bowl is very allergy aware and coeliacs can find lots of delicious gluten free products here. They also have a ready made cakes and desserts section filled with quite a few gluten free cakes which were made at Mariposa Bakery, a local gluten free bakery and I look forward to trying a couple of these very soon.

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  • Did you end up buying one of those crazy yellow octo-flower-fruits?

  • I didn’t. Unfortunately they were crazy expensive! I have however tried pink dragon fruit which tastes a little bit like kiwi and a little bit bizarre 🙂

  • I’ve seen those … pitayas? Never bought any, but am now intrigued 🙂

  • Yip! Pitayas. Apparently it’s a species of cactus. They taste really sweet but sometimes I’m not sure whether it’s worth all the hassle of peeling these crazy things just to get a really small amount of fruit! Nice to try it though.