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What Do Celiacs Eat For Lunch?

What do celiacs eat for lunch? Last week I posted an article on what celiacs eat for breakfast for which I got some good feedback so I thought it would be interesting to ask some of you what you eat for lunch. I know I’m always looking for new ideas to try so hopefully you too
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Amaranth, Gluten Free

Amaranth is an exciting gluten free grain that I had been hearing about for a while but only very recently did I manage to get my hands on some. Since posting on Twitter and my Facebook page about this new discovery I’ve had a lot of questions. It appears that many of us in the
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Gluten Free Sandwich Meat

Finding a sandwich meat that’s gluten free can be a difficult task as this type of meat is almost always processed and therefore gluten tends to have found it’s way in somehow. Back in the UK I use Bernard Matthews meat on my sandwiches because it’s labelled as being gluten free and there are a
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