Bio Restaurant Gluten Free

Indian rice

Gluten Free options

Last Sunday before the Bon Jovi concert(!!!), I ate at Bio Restaurant in Palermo Hollywood (Humboldt y Guatemala) with a few friends. Walking past a few times, I had seen that they do gluten free options and I’d been meaning to check it out for a while.

Their menu has many dishes that are a wee bit unusual and interesting such as Quinoa risotto, Indian rice, tofu and veggie rice and a veggie hamburger and as you can probably tell, all of the dishes are meat free. A large selection of them are also gluten free (and clearly marked as so with the familiar symbol) so I was excited about having choice.  As usual, I checked with our waitress that the gluten free meals are prepared in a separate area from non gluten free items and she confirmed that they were.

After much consideration I decided to go for the Indian rice, which was cooked with coriander, masala, raisins and cashew nuts and was served with salad and chutney pears on the side. Sounds delicious right? Well it was! Luckily for me, the three people I was eating with also ordered gluten free meals so I was able to try theirs too. Everything was very flavoursome and went perfectly with my big glass of vino blanco, especially as it was such a beautiful sunny day to be eating outdoors!

Bahiana Mushrooms

Tasty salad

Bio Restaurant is not the cheapest of places but I really enjoyed my meal there. A main course and a glass of wine is around 60 pesos ($15) which considering the yummy food isn’t bad. It was the cubierto (table fee) of 7 pesos per person ($1.75) that I felt was a bit unnecessary.

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