Simple Recipes

We don’t always have the time or resources to stand in the kitchen for hours preparing a meal. Sometimes we get home from a long day and we want to eat right now. I like to cook simple, interesting and tasty meals and I’d like to share some of them here. All of these recipes can be prepared either at home or whilst travelling and with only a small number of easy to find ingredients. I try to use ingredients in these recipes that you can pick up anywhere in the world. You can make any of these recipes as you travel! Many of them are at to some extent inspired by tasty dishes I’ve come across on my travels. Often when I’m cooking a meal I’m looking for new ideas to try. Hopefully some of my simple recipes will inspire you to either give these a go or try something similar. If you have a simple and tasty recipe you would like to share with other gluten free travellers then send me an email and I’ll share it with my readers.