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Gluten Free Sweets UK

So I don’t know about you but personally I’m a huge fan of sweets (or candy if any Americans are reading this!). Since I was kid I could easily have gone without crisps and chocolate if it meant I could delve into a big bag of pic n mix. I think we should all take
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Gluten Free Crunchmaster

Crunchmaster sent me a few bags of their multi-grain crackers to try recently. They come in White Cheddar, Roasted Vegetable and Sea Salt. I was extremely impressed.

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Gluten Free Persimmon Prosciutto Bites

I’m a big fan of persimmons. I first discovered them whilst living in South Korea. They were everywhere and I loved their crunchy, sweet taste.  Ever since I have been trying to figure out how I could incorporate them into a delicious gluten free snack. They are great on their own of course but sometimes
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Gluten Free Pure Bar

I recently received some samples of Pure Bars. They have two types of bars, Pure Organic and Pure Natural. I was very impressed by the whole selection. It’s rare when I can say that I enjoyed eating all of the flavours. They are unique and seriously delicious. The Cranberry Orange and Wild Blueberry Pure Organic
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Gluten Free Mediterranean Snack Foods

These baked lentil chips from Mediterranean Snack Foods are awesome!! They are made from lentils, adzuki and garbanzo beans and they are some of the most delicious chips I’ve ever had…the red pepper ones in particular. I had never come across them before so I was very excited when a few bags came in the
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Eagle Pizzeria Gluten Free

Last weekend I had amazing gluten free pizza in San Francisco and it was completely by chance. This doesn’t happen often so I was pretty excited. John and I were exploring the area around Lake Merced and on heading back towards town we came across Eagle Pizzeria on Taraval Street (between 27th & 28th Ave).
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Gluten Free Lara Bars

Lara Bars are awesome! They are definitely my favourite gluten free bar in the US so far. When I received a few samples earlier this week I was very excited. I’ve been looking for a delicious, safe and healthy substitute for my Eat Natural bars which I adore in the UK (but which sadly aren’t
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Gluten Free Wedding Catering

Our wedding is taking place in John’s parent’s yard and we plan to serve a buffet style linner. As we had only a month to plan everything, we assumed that finding a local place which does gluten free catering would be a problem. I’ve never had to deal with any sort of catering in the
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Gluten Free Sandwiches Ike’s

On Sunday John and I whilst on one of our uber-long walks around the city decided to head in the direction of Ike’s. Our stomachs were telling us that it was getting close to lunch time, John had heard great things about this place and I had noticed on their website that they did gluten
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Gluten Free Byron Bay Cookies

Last week I received a box of samples from Byron Bay Cookies. Even before ripping them open to devour the  amazing selection of flavours I was immediately impressed by the size of these cookies! 60 grams of individually wrapped deliciousness and certainly more than a couple of bites 😀

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