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Pizza Hut UK Do Gluten Free!

Earlier this year Domino’s in the US began offering gluten free pizza and this turned out to be a controversial decision. Whilst the pizza bases they offered were themselves gluten free, the pizza was not completely gluten free as a result of cross contamination, deeming it pointless in the eyes of some and a step
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Cereal Which Should Be Gluten Free (But Isn’t)

It’s three years since I was diagnosed with celiac disease, three years since I stopped eating gluten, three years since I’ve been able to eat some of my favourite cereals. So many of my old favourite cereals are not gluten free simply because of one ingredient. Most breakfast cereals contain barley malt extract, barley malt flavouring
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Gluten Free London

London is one of those cities you just have to see. It’s huge and it’s amazing. There’s always something going on. Lucky for gluten free travellers hoping to explore the UK’s capital city, London has a bunch of gluten free options for celiac visitors. As London is only nine hours by car or bus from
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Coca Cola Gluten Free

After the positive feedback I received from the Pepsi Gluten Free post earlier in the month I decided it would make sense to write a Coca Cola one too. Today I emailed Coca Cola for a list of their gluten free products.

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Green & Blacks Gluten Free

Today I found myself wondering whether Green and Blacks chocolate is gluten free. It’s a brand I sort of forget about for a while then remember when I see it in a store or a friend offers me a chunk. This time I decided to do some research so that I know whether or not
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Pepsi Gluten Free

With all the time and effort we give to ensuring what we eat is gluten free and safe for us, we need to make sure that what we are drinking is also safe. I drink mostly water, tea or fruit juice and try not to drink too much fizzy juice, soda, pop, whatever you like to
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Carrigans, Hamilton Gluten Free

John Carrigan’s is a fantastic, family run bar and restaurant in Hamilton, Scotland, very near to Glasgow. The food is tasty, the portions are big and the staff are friendly. It’s an altogether nice place to have a drink or to go for a meal out. I ate here a lot before being diagnosed as
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Gluten Free Cadbury’s UK

UPDATE: Jan, 2015: As of this month, there are still a whole bunch of Cadbury’s selection which they say is “Gluten Absent”. You can check out the most updated list here yourself. I came looking to see if creme eggs are still gluten-free after all the recent madness about the change in recipe and for
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Gluten Free Bounce Balls

A few weeks ago when I was home visiting Scotland I received some samples of Bounce Balls to try. I’ve tried so many energy and protein snacks in bar form so I was excited to try a ball shaped snack for a change! Bounce Balls do five different kinds of balls and each one has
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Liverpool Gluten Free

Liverpool (To be read with a scouser accent!) is a UK city I hadn’t yet had the chance to explore. The drive is only three hours and change from Glasgow but I guess until now I never really had a reason to visit. My brother and his lovely family recently moved to that area of
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