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Starbucks Gluten Free

Today I popped into Starbucks at lunchtime and was happy to find they sell two gluten free cakes, a Valencia Orange Cake and a Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Both looked pretty tasty and were separated from non gluten free cakes by small dividers. I was pleased to see this but after a closer look, I was
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The 2 Figs

Friday is my final day at work before my boyfriend and I head off on our North and South American travels and I am heading out to dinner with 3 of my best friends to celebrate. We decided to try The 2 Figs on Byres Road as none of us have eaten there before and
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Ichiban is a Japanese restaurant which can be found in two locations within Glasgow. There is one on Queen Street (in the city centre) and another on Dumbarton Road (in the West end). They offer take-out or sit-in and I’ve taken advantage of both a number of times. The menu includes a variety of different things
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Cadbury’s Creme Eggs Gluten Free

UPDATE: Jan, 2015: As of this month, there are still a whole bunch of Cadbury’s selection which they say is “Gluten Absent”. You can check out the most updated list here yourself. I came looking to see if creme eggs are still gluten-free after all the recent madness about the change in recipe and for now at least, they
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Gluten Free Easter Eggs

Easter is fast approaching and chocolate eggs are everywhere to be found on UK supermarket shelves. The question is…which of these eggy delights are gluten free? For those of you unfamiliar with these easter eggs, the majority are a hollow egg along with your choice of chocolate bar. If you buy a Creme Egg, Twirl
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Haribo Gluten Free

Haribo is probably my favourite snack food. I find it really addictive! I’ve always been a huge fan of gummy/jelly/foamy sweeties since my gran bought me bags of pic n mix every Sunday when I was a kid and I love all the colourful, fun shapes that Haribo has to offer. When I was first
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Cafe Andaluz

Cafe Andaluz is a Spanish Tapas restaurant, of which there are two in Glasgow. One is in the centre of the city on St Vincent Place and the other is in the city’s west end on Cresswell Lane. The West End location is where I ate a couple of night ago. My boyfriend and I
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Terry’s Chocolate Orange Gluten Free?

I was given a Terry’s chocolate Orange at work today…something I completely forget about until the festive season comes around and they seem to be everywhere! Are these delicious Christmassy chocolate delights gluten free? On the back of the box is the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Careline so I thought I’d give them a call to find
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Dakhin is a South Indian restaurant situated in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. Their menu is wide and varied, serving chicken, pork, prawn and vegetable dishes of varying flavours and spices. They also have some interesting sounding starters as well as slightly different side dishes, Dosas and Uttapams (crepes made with rice and lentils served with
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Mars Celebrations Gluten Free?

UPDATE: Jan, 2015 The MARS website isn’t the easiest to navigate. If you click on the Nutritional Information section, you can click on your favourite products. Once you choose a product, and size, you can then search under the “Allergens” tab and it will list the allergens found in your chosen product. I’m still waiting
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