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Celigourmet is a dream for any coeliacs visiting Buenos Aires. They have 4 branches situated in different parts of the city and all of the products they sell are gluten free. There is a lot of variety to choose from and everything is delicious!!

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Dietetica 100% Natural

Today I found an amazing dietetica for coeliacs looking for a wide variety of gluten free products in Buenos Aires. Dietetica 100% Natural can be found just off Santa Fe, on Bulnes, in Palermo. This place had been recommended to me by a local woman and I was very glad I took her advice and
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Gluten Free Freddo

If you are looking for gluten free ice cream in Buenos Aires then Freddo is one good place to go. There have a number of locations throughout the city and clearly label which of their menu items are gluten free.

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Gluten Free Labelling Law Argentina

In Argentina, a law was passed in December of 2009, which if enforced could make life much easier for Argentine coeliacs and for gluten free travellers to this country. The law has yet to be regulated so as a result not all companies are adhering to the law. Still, by passing this law the Argentinian
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Polenta for Breakfast

I have been struggling to find gluten free cereal in Buenos Aires and when I came across something called Polenta in the supermarket, it looked like something that could make for a possible porridge substitute.

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First impressions of Buenos Aires

I arrived in Buenos Aires only 24 hours but have a good first impression of the coeliac friendliness of the city. A couple of the supermarkets we wandered into label quite a few of their products with a wheat free symbol which says ‘Sin TACC’ which translates to ‘without wheat, barley, rye and oats.’  We
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